Rate Analysis of Kota Stone Flooring

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Rate analysis of Kota Stone flooring includes the determination of labour and material. In this article, we have taken the CPWD standard for Kota stone flooring rate analysis. This consists of the rate of material (Kota Stone and cement), carriage of the material to transport it to the site in question and labour rates for laying and rubbing of Kota stone.

For 25 mm Kota stone let us say we need Kota stone of 20-25 mm thickness, it is laid over the cement mortar of ratio 1:4, and joints are pigmented with a grey cement slurry to match the shade of the slab. The floor is then rubbed and polished. Let us calculate the labour and material for 10 Sqm of flooring.

Rate analysis of Material for Kota Stone Flooring

The material includes Kota stone, cement slurry, cement mortars and black colour dark shade pigment.

Kota Stone required

For 10 Sqm of flooring, 10 Sqm of Kota Stone will be required. However, during the transportation and laying process, some stones get wasted. Thus 15% of wastage needs to be incorporated in the estimation. Thus for 10 Sqm of flooring 10+(10×15%) = 10+1.5 =11.5 Sqm of Kota Stone will be required.

Cement for Kota Stone flooring

Cement is required for making slurry and for 1:4 Cement Mortar base.

Cement Slurry for Kota Stone flooring

For bedding, @ 4.4Kg per Sqm =10×4.4 = 44 Kg Cement will be required and for joints, 20 Kg of cement will be required. Thus a total of 64 Kg (0.064 tonnes) of cement will be required.

Cement Mortar (1:4) for Kota Stone flooring

Quantity of Cement

For 1 Cum of 1:4 Cement Mortar, the quantity of cement will be 0.268 Cum (26.80% of cement). Bags of cement will be 0.268/volume of 1 bag of cement.

  • =0.268/0.0347 = 7.7 bags= 7.7×50=386 Kg (one bag of cement = 50kg), = 0.38 tonne.
  • for 10 sqmx20 mm =0.2 cum, cement = 0.38×0.2 = 0.076 cum
Quantity of Sand

For a 1:4 ratio, Quantity of sand = 4×0.076=0.304 cum.

Pigment required for Kota Stone flooring

Around 4.5 Kg of Black colour dark shade pigment will be required to match the shade of the slab.

Labour required for Laying Kota Stone Floor


A mason can lay 8.33 Sqm of Kota Stone flooring per day. Thus for 10 Sqm, 1/8.33×10= 1.2 Masons will be required.


1.15 Beldar will be required for laying 10 Sqm of Kota stone flooring.


1.0 Coolie will be required for laying 10 Sqm of Kota stone flooring.

Skilled Beldar

5 Beldar will be required for rubbing Kota stone.

Machinery Required

Around 4 Machines per day are required for rubbing and polishing 10 sqm of Kota Stone.

Rate Analysis of Kota Stone Flooring

Kota Stone Slabe flooring over 20 mm thick 1:4 mortar base and jointed with cement slurry including polishing, rubbing etc.
Details of cost of 10 Sqm
25 mm thick
Kota stone slab 20 mm to 25 mm thick (semi-polished) including 15% wastagesqm11.53203680
Portland Cement for Cement Mortar 1:4tonne0.076
Portland cement for slurrytonne0.064
Total of Portland Cementtonne0.145000700
Coarse Sandcum0.3041500456
Black color dark shade pigmentkg4.570315
Mason (brick layer) 2nd classday1.2714856.8
Skilled Beldar (for floor rubbing etc.)day57143570
Machine for rubbing of floorsday43001200.00
Add 1% water charge121.65
Add 15%Contractor Profit1842.93
Add 1% cess141.29
Rate per sqm1427.04
Rate per sq ft132.58

Kota Stone Waste Percentage

Around 15% of the Kota stone gets wasted during the transportation and laying process. Thus in the estimation process, we take 15% quantity extra quantity than required for eliminating the possibility of a shortage of material due to wastage.


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