What is a Modular Home?

A modular home is manufactured in factories, in sections, transported to the site, gets assembled at the site, and installed on the foundation by the builder/owner.

What is a Stick Built Home

A stick-built or traditional home uses wood frames to create the walls and roof truss. This wood frame supports plywood/drywall or other material. They are built over the site from scratch.

Modular homes vs Stick built homes

A modular home is produced in sections in the climate-controlled factories (off-site) and then trucked over to the site where it gets assembled. However, a stick-built home is completely built on-site from scratch.

Modular homes vs Stick built homes

They both follow the local/regional/state level building regulations. Once it is built there is no difference between the modular homes and stick built.

7 Differences between Modular Homes and Stick Built Homes


Appearance is somewhat the same. Once constructed there is no difference between the modular and stick-built home.


Both follow Local/regional/States building code.


Modular homes are manufactured in the factories therefore you have limited options for the floor plans. Whereas in the case of stick-built, you can customize it as per your like.


In the case of modular homes, the entire process can take 16 to 31 weeks whereas site stick homes take a little longer about 28 to 37 weeks.


Modular homes are 10-20% less expensive than stick-built homes.


The resale value is somewhat similar. The value of both the Modular and Stick Built homes appreciates over time.


Since they both follow the same Local/ Regional code thus they both are similarly durable. However modular homes need to be transported thus it is made a little more stronger than stick built.