building materials of the future

Lined Circle

List of few innovative buildings materials which will change the world.

Lined Circle

Self Healing Concrete

Self healing concrete repairs the crack developed in the concrete, itself. It consists of bacteria medium which will repair the cracks.

3D Graphene is also called wonder material. With just 5% of the density it is 10 times stronger than the steel.

3d Graphene

Laminated timbers are made by joining two units to form one single unit to increase the strength.  Various types of Laminated timbers are available  in the market.

Laminated Timber

Transparent Aluminium

Looks like glass but can take 1200 degree celcius temperate without melting.  It is much stronger than steel and used for making bulletproof glass.

Translucent wood

Lignin present in the wood is removed and replaced with polymers which make wood translucent. If has wide applications in building industries.

It is designed to illuminate highways, pathways etc. It absorbs solar energy during the day and emit light in the night.

Light emitting Concrete

Wool Brick

Waste wool is added in the brick which increases its strength and sustainabiliity. This brick does not required firing.

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Pollution Absorbing Bricks

These bricks works on the principle of air filteration. It filters the outside air and let the air enter the building.