Classification of buildings as per NBC

– Residential – Educational – Institutional – Assembly – Business – Mercantile  – Industrial  – Storage – Hazardous.

Residential Buildings

Any building in which sleeping accommodation is provided for normal residential purposes with or without cooking/dining

Educational Building

Any building used for school, college, and other training institutions having a minimum of 20 students.

Institutional Buildings

Buildings that are used for medical or other treatment, care of persons suffering from physical and mental illness, care of infants, for inmates etc.

Assembly Buildings

Any building in which a minimum of 50 persons gathers for recreational, amusement, social, religious, patriotic purposes etc.

Business Buildings

Any buildings used for the transaction of business, professional establishments, service facilities, etc. are termed as business buildings.

Mercantile Buildings

Any building which is used as a shop, store, market, etc. is known as mercantile buildings.

Industrial Buildings

Any building in which products or materials are fabricated, assembled, manufactured, or processed.

Storage Buildings

Any building which is used for storage of goods, ware or merchandise, vehicles or animals. e.g. warehouse, cold storage, garages, stables, etc.

Hazardous Buildings

Buildings which is used for storage, handling, manufacture, or processing of highly combustible or explosive material.