Difference Between Polished and Sealed Concrete


Polished Concrete

Concrete surface is polished  because untreated surface  is prone to staining.

The polished concrete caters to the stains to some extent but it is not chemical resistant. The polished finish is breathable.

– It is more durable than Sealed Concrete or Plain finish Concrete.

Polished Concrete surface requires less maintenance.

Polished Concrete Surface gives a naturally beautiful appearance due to the grinding of aggregates in concrete.

Sealed Concrete

A thin layer of acrylic, epoxy or Urethane sealer is applied just like paint over the concret surface. Such Concrete is called Sealed Concrete

Difference Between Polished and Sealed Concrete finish.

Both have same appearance. But the process through which the appearance achieved is different in both..



Polished concrete is more durable, it has a scratch-resistant finish and requires minimal maintenance and can last longer if properly maintained.




Sealed Concrete finish is easy to clean. The polished finish is prone to stain and spill.



Polishing is more labour intensive and thus costs more. Sealed concrete is cheaper than polished concrete.