Rammed Earth Walls & How to built it?

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Understand of the climate and location in which the structure is to be built

Tip 1

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The rammed earth technique works best in climates with high humidity and relatively moderate temperatures.

Once the location is deemed to be feasible, the framework for the walls may be built.

Tip 2

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the frame is then filled in with a layer of damp earth, which typically includes sand, gravel, clay, and a stabilizer.

After this small layer is added, it is compressed into around half its original volume using a pneumatic tamper

Tip 3

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This process is repeated iteratively until the frame is filled with compacted earth.

to improve rammed earth’s relatively poor thermal performance, architects may add extra insulation to the walls.

Tip 4

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To increase the load-bearing capacity of rammed earth walls, cement will be added into the original soil mixture as a stabilizer